2023-2024 College Catalog

Psychology, Bachelor of Arts

Department Chair: Justin Wellman


Faculty: Lisa Onorato; William Kowalczyk; Heidi Rivera









Hartwick’s rigorous psychology program emphasizes the scientific method and empirical approach in its study of human behavior and mental processes. Experimental psychologists are committed to the idea that through objective empirical observations, progress can be made in understanding, predicting, and modifying behavior. Students who major in psychology acquire knowledge of major theoretical frameworks and hone research skills in observation, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific report writing.

A major in psychology provides an appropriate background for a variety of professions in which an understanding of the principles of human behavior is important. Graduate study in medicine, law, human factors, neuroscience, or social work, as well as in psychology, might all follow an undergraduate major in psychology. The undergraduate program in psychology, like pre-medical and pre-law programs, does not provide the specialized training needed to be a professional psychologist, which requires a graduate degree as an indication of competence.

Departmental Distinction requires at least a 3.50 Psychology GPA, 3.30 cumulative GPA, and A- in either PSYC 488 OR PSYC 490.

Grades for all courses taken in Psychology are used to calculate the average in the major, as well as the average for Departmental Distinction.