2023-2024 College Catalog

Music Education, Bachelor of Science

Program Coordinator:

Meghan Sheehy



Steven Nanni, Andrew Pease; Meghan Sheehy Resident Artists & Part-Time Faculty: Ben Aldridge; Ruth Berry; Paul Blake; Jill Czarnecki, Fideliz Campbell, John Colonna; Cynthia Donaldson; Graeme Francis; Ana-Laura González; Daniel Hane; Stephanie Hollander; Timothy Horne; Evan Jagels; Wayne Line; Stephen Markuson; Gregg Norris; Paul Patinka; Spencer Phillips; Robin Seletsky; Uli Speth; Charles Vatalaro



Music Education



The Department of Music develops the musical abilities of students in many ways, including the areas of performance, scholarship, creativity, communication, and where appropriate, teaching ability. We create an atmosphere that is founded on close faculty-student interaction and collaboration and one that aids in the development of self-motivated learners who have the ability to apply and transfer concepts and knowledge.

In our classrooms, rehearsals, and throughout the department we seek to develop:

  • Musicians of a high level of performing abilities with a solid command of their performance area and of the rudiments of music.
  • Intellectuals who think deeply about the music from a range of cultural and geographical regions and throughout historical time in a variety of ways.
  • Creative individuals who can demonstrate content mastery through creative applications and embody the ideals of the liberal arts.
  • Communicators who can impart beliefs and knowledge about music to others with clarity and ease.
  • Teaching abilities through a study of music education methodology and its application to real-world classroom settings through practicum experiences for those who pursue the BS in Music Education.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

The major in music education is an intensive pre-professional program preparing students for certification in vocal, general, and instrumental music, pre-K-12. Student teaching practica take place in the senior year.

Note: Because of the significant overlap in requirements for the music education and music majors, no student may be credited with both majors.

All music and music education majors must successfully audition for entry into the major.