2023-2024 College Catalog

Education, Bachelor of Arts

Faculty: Elizabeth Bloom (Chair); Ross Bussell; Marisa Kofke. Adjunct Faculty: Autumn Magliocca; Alyssa Hardy; Kathy Hardison; Nancy Osborne; Carol Pierce; Julie Schelp; Melissa Gregory; Erin Toal

Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience:

Courtney J. Delello

Certification Areas

Childhood (grades 1-6)

Adolescent Education (grades 7-12)

Students with Disabilities (Generalist 7-12) 

Art Education (K-12)

Dual Certification in Special Education and Childhood (Grades 1-6)


Inclusive Elementary Education (B.A.)

Minors (do not lead to NYS Certification)

Educational Studies: General

Educational Studies: Social Advocacy

Educational Studies: Outdoor Education


The Hartwick College Teacher Education Program (HTEP) prepares future teachers for certification in Childhood (1st-6th grade), Dual Childhood/Special Education (1st-6th grade), Adolescent Education (7th-12th grade) certification in nine content areas, Students with Disabilities Generalist (7th-12th grade) and Visual Arts (PreK-12th grade). The program is selective, as we aspire to train future leaders in education. Hartwick’s education program is based on four axioms: 1) Effective pre-service teachers show competence in their academic major by maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or better, 2) Hartwick’s FlightPath curriculum firmly grounds students in the liberal arts, 3) Effective teacher training operates from research-based principles of teaching-learning, and 4) Effective teachers integrate those principles into meaningful experiences in classrooms.

Hands-on teaching experiences are a central part of Hartwick’s Teacher Education Program. There are many effective ways of learning and the Department of Education offers a variety of options to education students including: study abroad, alternative/multicultural/special education mini-practica, field experience, and directed studies with professors. We encourage students to select an educational program that is consistent with their interests and long-term professional goals.

Our Mission: A commitment to social change.

The Hartwick College Teacher Education Program prepares teacher candidates to begin their careers with a foundation in research-based learning theory and instructional practices, a commitment to meeting and honoring the educational needs of diverse learners and a dedication to social justice in schools and society.

Our department takes for granted that education is the primary means to life success. Therefore, schools must militate against the conditions that threaten equal opportunity and academic achievement for all children regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religion, income, gender identity or sexual orientation. If schools are to adequately fulfill this responsibility, then teacher training programs play an important role in exposing prospective teachers to the sociocultural issues relevant to the task.

Beyond developing a commitment to social justice, students are expected to maintain academic excellence, display a passion for teaching and possess strong professional dispositions.

The Education Department aspires to prepare educators who:

1. Demonstrate competency in their chosen content/major area.

2. Possess knowledge about the social, political, cultural, psychological, philosophical and moral dimensions of teaching.

3. Demonstrate the dispositions of a professional educator which provide the foundation for competent teaching.

4. Are equipped with an initial repertoire of skills for applying research-based teaching and learning strategies, including the ability to integrate new and emerging technologies.

5. Are prepared to begin teaching in varied settings, and provide diverse learners with opportunities to reach their full potential.

Areas of Certification

At Hartwick, our Adolescent Education and Art Education students complete a program for certification coupled with a content major or major/minor combination. Hartwick offers education programs leading to certification in *Childhood (grades 1-6), Adolescent Education (grades 7-12), **Students with Disabilities (Generalist 7-12), and Art Education (K-12) and dual certification in *Special Education and Childhood.

We have developed a major for all Elementary Education students that will prepare them to teach students of all abilities. When they leave Hartwick, they will have all the tools to obtain dual certification in Childhood (grades 1-6) and Special Education. 

*Special Note 1: All students pursuing Childhood or Dual Childhood/Special Education certification must take 2 Math courses, 2 English courses, 2 Science courses, and 2 Social Studies courses (History, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology).

**Special Note 2: All students pursuing Students with Disabilities (Generalist 7-12) certification must take 2 Math courses, 2 English courses, 2 Science courses, and 2 Social Studies courses (History, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology).

Approved Childhood Content Area Majors:






Computer Science







Political Science





Approved Adolescent Content Areas:



Earth Science (with Geology/Environmental Science)





Social Studies (majors approved in Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science)


Approved Dual Certification:

Childhood Certification/Students with Disabilities (1-6)

Special Note: Students seeking dual certification cannot pursue any other certifications.

Approved K-12 Programs:


Special Note: Students seeking Art certification cannot pursue Students with Disabilities Certification.

Admission into the Teacher Education Program

Admission into the Teacher Education Program requires a formal application at the completion of the core education courses (EDUC 101, EDUC 102, EDUC 201, and EDUC 202), which will be reviewed by the Department Faculty. Successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the field of education, meet academic standards and possess professional dispositions.

Specific academic criteria that are used for initial admission into the program include:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in core education courses
  • No grade less than a C in education courses (courses can only be taken twice and extenuating circumstances must be petitioned to the department)
  • No grade less than C in any major, minor, or college General Education (FlightPath) curriculum courses
  • A review of the student’s Application for Admission into HTEP by the Department of Education. Students who meet most of the criteria but fall below in some areas may be placed on academic probation by the Department of Education and will have one semester to show growth toward meeting the minimum requirements.

Requirements for Mini-Practicum Teaching

Students seeking to enroll in the J Term mini-practicum (EDUC 390/EDUC 391) must be accepted into the Hartwick College Teacher Education Program and be in good academic standing.

Students wishing to undertake a mini-practicum in locations other than those selected by the Department of Education must submit a written proposal for review by the department faculty. All proposals must be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Department of Education.

Student teaching requirements include:

  • Departmentally approved Junior Review Portfolio.
  • Completion of foundational and pedagogical courses (no grade below a C).
  • No grade less than a C in any Education, major or college General Education (FlightPath) course (NYSED rules)
  • A 3.0 GPA in content major, education courses, and overall.
  • A 3.0 GPA in core foundation courses (EDUC 101, EDUC 102, EDUC 201, EDUC 202) and education program.
  • A written endorsement from the department chair of the academic major.

Policy regarding extra-curricular activities during student teaching

The Hartwick Student teaching model is based on NYSED requirements and includes two full seven week placements. Students are expected to attend every day of the placements, including professional development days and any mandatory after-school responsibilities (e.g., Parent-Teacher Conferences, Curriculum Night, Open House, etc.) without exception. In the event of serious illness or emergency, student teachers must contact their cooperating teacher, college supervisor, and seminar instructor. Failure to comply with this requirement will impact the student teacher’s final evaluation.

Student teachers must dedicate themselves full time to Student Teaching. Therefore, student teachers may not engage in any extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, additional college classes, team sports, theater productions or outside employment. Exceptions will be granted only after the student has submitted a written petition to the Department of Education. A decision will be rendered based on the student’s academic record and dispositional preparedness.

The Department of Education reserves the right to pull and or fail a student who is not meeting the requirements of the student teaching placement.

Recommendation for Certification to NYSED

Upon successful fulfillment of the curricular and field experience requirements of the Teacher Education Program and passing scores on the teacher certification examinations required by New York State, students qualify to be recommended for Childhood (1-6), Dual Childhood/Students with Disabilities (1-6), Adolescent (7-12), Students with Disabilities Generalist (7-12), and Art (K-12) Initial Certification.

Reciprocity exists with many states. Students should check with specific state education departments with regard to certification requirements.

Requirements for Recommendation

To qualify for the recommendation for certification by the Hartwick College Department of Education, students must satisfactorily complete the following:

  • Course requirements in approved academic major with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • No grade in any course lower than a C (in college general education, major or Education courses)
  • College General Education curriculum requirements (FlightPath)
  • Additional extra-departmental course requirements (vary by major and level)
  • Education coursework with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and no single grade below a C
  • Child Abuse Identification Seminar (provided in EDUC 372 Lyceum)
  • Dignity for All Students certificate (provided in EDUC 372 Lyceum)
  • Substance Abuse Seminar (provided in EDUC 372 Lyceum)
  • Violence Prevention Seminar (provided in EDUC 372 Lyceum)
  • Passing NYSED battery of tests (see www.NYSED.gov for dates and details)
  • Educating All Students Test (EAS)
  • Content Specialty Test (CST) (Childhood and Students with Disabilities Generalist takes Multi-subject test)
  • edTPA

New York State Regulation

Teacher certification programs at Hartwick College are subject to the rules and regulations of the State Legislature, Commissioner of Education, Board of Regents, and State Education Department of New York State. Institutional recommendation for certification is not guaranteed upon completion of the above courses without demonstrating competent teaching and professionalism in the field.

Teacher education general information sessions are held regularly throughout the year. To attend one, or to receive more detailed information on your options for an education program, contact the Department Chair: Betsy Bloom 308 Clark Hall, 607-431-4945, bloome@hartwick.edu or Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience, Courtney J. Delello: 314 Clark Hall, 607-431-4841, delelloc@hartwick.edu.