2023-2024 College Catalog

Astronomy and Planetary Studies, Minor

Program Coordinator:

Parker Troischt

Faculty: John Dudek; Parker Troischt

Astronomy and Planetary Sciences

Astronomy, with one of the oldest traditions in the natural sciences, is currently experiencing a period of rapid discovery, and a large number of new facilities and programs are currently underway or under construction. The newer interdisciplinary field of Planetary Science also is experiencing a period of rapidly increasing information available from within, and outside of, our Solar System.  Hartwick’s minor in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences builds upon the excitement surrounding this wealth of new discoveries, and exposes all students – and especially those majoring in the Physical and Life Sciences – to the field’s fundamental themes and topics, as well as to additional opportunities to learn and use critical-thinking, evaluative, and problem-solving skills that will be applicable to many post-graduate careers.

Astronomy and Planetary Sciences Minor